Enrich Your Advocate and Donor Data

PolicyEngage updates and adds data to your existing supporter records.

Advocate and Donor Data Enrichment

What if you could push a button and instantly know more about your supporter base?

What impact would this have on your organization... your members... your cause?

PolicyEngage can help you accomplish exactly this. In fact, we guarantee it--or your money back.

Through online strategy, PolicyEngage identifies incomplete and outdated supporter records and updates them. Information commonly updated includes:

person Full
alternate_email Email
smartphone Mobile
home Home
person_pin_circle Legislative

Additionally, PolicyEngage can add completely new data sets to your supporter records. Choose any subject. Some of the most popular data sets include:

school Education
& Lifestyle
attach_money Discretionary
how_to_vote Political
handyman Philanthropic
verified_user Occupational

Better yet, supporter data can be presented at the individual or household level or as a summary report. You choose the option that aligns best with your outreach strategy.

Enrich your supporter data today! Guaranteed.

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PolicyEngage combines advocate acquisition with data enrichment to give your cause the boost it deserves. Uncover new supporters and drive more action from existing ones. It's time to grow!

Advocate Acquisition

Acquire More Advocates and Donors

  • Boost exposure & drive action
  • Get name, email, phone, & address
  • Stay in contact (already opted in)
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Experience the Power of Connected Data

Say goodbye to data spread across countless platforms, spreadsheets, and emails. PolicyEngage seamlessly connects legislative tracking, media monitoring, contact management, and advocate engagement. Unite your data. Unite your team.